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Comfort Club


Comfort ClubYour Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment is a major investment. Like all other large investments - Homes, Autos, Appliances, etc.., Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment requires Maintenance on a regular basis to insure long life and the most efficient operation possible.

R&S Aircare recommends having your system checked twice a year.

We provide service plans for both our residential and commercial customers and choose a plan that works best for your particular needs.

Equipment manufacturers, electric providers and R&S Aircare certainly encourage preventative maintenance of central air conditioning and heating equipment. Peak efficiency, maximum system capacity, extended equipment life, lower energy costs and better indoor air quality are the major items of importance and consideration.

At R&S we want to build a relationship with our customers and provide them with an HVAC contractor they can rely and trust upon.  When joining the Comfort Club you will be one of our priority customers where in the case of a break
down you will be first on our list.


Comfort Club (Quality Care)Some of the benefits of joining the Comfort Club include:

  1. Up to 20% Discount On All Repairs
  2. Up to 3 LBS Of Refrigerant Added
  3. Lower Electric Bills
  4. Extended Equipment Life
  5. Better Indoor Airflow/Air Quality
  6. Fewer repairs
  7. 24 hr emergency service
  8. Never An Overtime Charge
  9. Priority Customers
  10. Recommended By Manufacturers
  11. Peace Of Mind


The Comfort Club Service Plan check list includes:

  1. Check Operating Pressures
  2. Adjust Pressures As Needed
  3. Monitor Starting Capacities
  4. Healthy vs. Unhealthy A/CReplace with Customers Filters                
  5. Measure Temperature Differential
  6. Tighten Electrical Components
  7. Measure Amp/Volt Draw
  8. Lubricate All Moving Parts
  9. Check Thermostat
  10. Inspect Evaporator Coil if Accessible
  11. Clean Condenser Coils
  12. Check Refrigerant levels
  13. Visual Inspect For Leaks
  14. Visual Inspection Of Accessible Ductwork
  15. Record All Findings
  16. Recommend Repairs/Improvements





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